Non Shipping Areas

Please take note of Undeliverable Postcodes


Due to the limited access of our carriers and for some large & bulky items, we may not be able to deliver your item to the following postcodes.
If you live in remote area of Australia and your postcode is not listed below, please contact us to confirm delivery to your location.
In Some Instances, depending on Size and Weight, delivery MAY still be Available.

For confirmation, please contact us via our online form.

NT  0800 - 0999;
NSW  2641, 2898, 2899;
QLD  4183, 4184, 4450-4499, 4680, 4700-4999, 9920-9999;
SA  5701;
WA  6161, 6207 - 6799;
TAS  7151;

We have tried to provide a full list of Non-Deliverable PostCodes and we apologise if your order is refused due to an undeliverable PostCode that MAY NOT be on this list. ..