Bestway Flowclear Chlorinator Pool Cleaner

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Bestway Flowclear Chlorinator Pool Cleaner

Every pool needs to be sanitized. It helps to keep the pool hygienic and ensure that all harmful bacteria and algae are eliminated. Using common table salt, the Flowclear Chlorinator makes pool maintenance easy by eliminating the need for pool chemicals and providing swimmers with clean, clear pool water that doesn't irritate their skin or burn their eyes.

By adding common table salt or sodium chloride to swimming pool water, the Flowclear Chlorinator is able to separate the salt into two basic elements of sodium and chloride. As part of the daily filtration cycle, pool water passes through the chlorinator's electrolytic cell producing chlorine that instantly dissolves into the water, which destroys bacteria and algae on contact and oxidises other organic materials. By turning ordinary salt into chlorine to clean your pool, the process is totally eco-friendly and safe.

Monitoring the Chlorinator is easy as it has a display panel that highlights salt levels and water flow. Its Titanium-coated electrolytic cell is also self-cleaning and the chlorine-cleaned water is much better for your skin, hair and eyes.

The Chlorinator can clean up to 95,000 litres of water and is best use together with Flowclear filter pumps rated 3,028 litres per hour and above. It can run continuously for 24 hours and any power outages will not affect its settings. It will simply go into standby mode until power is restored.

Go the healthier and more hygienic way in pool cleaning. Insist on the Flowclear Chlorinator. Get yours today.

* Chlorinator with a GFCI plug
* Easy to install, use and maintain
* Produces up to 12g Chlorine per hour
* Environmentally friendly
* Titanium-coated electrolytic cell that is self-cleaning
* Easy-to-view display panel highlights salt levels and water flow
* Clean up to 25,000 gallons (95,000 L) water volume
* Compatible with Flowclear filter pumps rated above 800 gallons (3,028 L) per hour

* Brand: Bestway
* Rating: 220-240V, 120W

Package Contents
1 x Pool Chlorinator